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AGA Servicing Shropshire

AGA cookers are built for life.  The oldest working AGA existed in 1932, which certainly shows its importance and need in our daily lives. There is no doubt that AGA cookers are life-lasting, but still, they need maintenance and care. This is only for making sure that your AGA is working optimally and is in its best working shape. Here at Multifuel Cooking and Heating Limited, we work with the best history of AGA Servicing Shropshire at the most reasonable and competitive AGA service cost. Our experience allows us to deliver the best for our customers, as satisfying you is our utmost priority. We give the finest results and top-notch quality services when it comes to the maintenance of the AGA cooker, you can always trust our engineers to handle it with care. It is essential to keep your AGA well maintained to make sure it's efficient working. Always choose skilled people, who are known for specialising in this field.

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How Often Does an AGA Need Servicing?

If we talk about HOW OFTEN in the above question, then it all depends upon the type of AGA that is in your use. It requires maintenance as it is a heat storage system or called an AGA central heating system, but the working of each AGA is distinct from that of the other. Here is a table that can make answers to this question easier.

Gas AGA Range Cookers

The perfect time is every 12 months for the servicing of these AGA Range Cookers, with the help of a qualified and skilled engineer.

30-amp Electric Models

Every 12 months it is essential to check its electric safety and operations.

13-amp Electric Models

The interim services, every 2-3 years and full services every 5 years is needed for ‘Total Control’ and ‘Dual Control’.

Blake & Bull ‘Electrikit’ Converted AGA Range Cookers

You can use the word Never! For these AGA Range Cookers

AGA 60  Electric range cookers, eR3 Series, eR7 & R7 series

For this series, NO SERVICING is required, but if you feel any type of need you can always contact an expert for a check and satisfaction of its fine working.

Oil AGA Range Cookers

Depending upon the performance they can need servicing every 6 to 12 months, but Cleaning the flue regularly is also to be considered. Internal flue ways are to be cleaned every month, and flue pipes that are connecting are to be cleaned every six months. The main chimney also requires cleaning and to be swept every year. 

Dual Fuel Aga 60 Range Cookers

It requires servicing every 12 months just like Gas AGA Range Cookers and 30-amp Electric Models.

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What's Involved In An AGA Servicing?

Cleaning the burners is the main focus of AGA Servicing and replacing the wicks is also included in this service. To perform all this, your AGA must be cool, and you will be turning it off before the day of the servicing. This will provide the AGA enough time to cool down and the further process will be easy. our engineers being the experts will also check all the controls which will help in making sure that everything is in its working position. The cleaning of vents of the debris is also included in these services. The engineer also has to check that the insulation is still in good condition, on the lids and the doors. We also prefer to check all the safety systems and devices linked to it. The oil rate, tanks, and pipes are necessary to be checked when it's about oil-powered AGA’s. It is necessary to make sure that there is no leak in them.

By getting our AGA Servicing in Shropshire, our engineers will:

Why Choosing Multifuel Cooking and Heating limited for AGA central heating and AGA Servicing, Shropshire?

You can book your appointment for the AGA Servicing Shropshire with us easily as we are professionally determined to provide the finest service are available 24 hours. All you need to call us to inform us about the details related to your AGA Range. Our engineers will visit your place to examine all the details and to confirm the authenticity of the parts, and it's working in a good condition. We will make sure that all the components are working properly without any defects. Our engineers are professionally trained and work with the skills to detect any issue that can create a breakdown or can cause harm to anyone near the system. Our rates and prices are the plus factor, that makes us different from others. We do not charge any hidden prices as we know the importance of quality at affordable rates. Here are some of the points that can help you in deciding for choosing us as your Aga servicing experts.

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