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Wood Burning Stove Installation Shropshire

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Times change, but some things never go out of fashion. There are so many modern options when it comes to cooking systems, but wood-burning stoves still stand out because of their aesthetics, ergonomic design, and efficiency. Don’t let the name “wood burning stove” mislead you, modern wood stoves are fabricated from various materials that ensure high thermal efficiency and durability. They are available in a variety of designs and colours to make your kitchen not just visually pleasing but also warm. They are friendly to people, pets, and the environment. We at Multifuel Cooking & Heating Limited can provide you with your choice of a Wood Burning Stove in Shropshire and its installation. We can provide the best quality wood-burning stoves and cookers from brands like AGA, Rayburn, Stanley, and ESSE. We can provide you with several other services, including:

  • Wood Stove Flue Pipe Installation
  • Servicing all Kinds of Stoves
  • Reconditioned Appliances that Look and Work like they are New.
  • Complete Renovation of Range Cookers
  • Oil Boiler Servicing
  • Inspection and Consultation
  • Wood Fire Heater Installation in Shropshire

Choose from a Variety of Options

We offer various range cookers and wood-burning stoves from top brands. AGA has provided cooking and heating solutions to households in the UK for the last 100 years. One of their most loved products is their range of wood-burning stoves. These include the Dorrington and Hanwood with outputs of 5.9 and 9.0 kW. Both are available in graphite colour. You can select from Esse’s wood-burning stoves, including Ironheart, Warmheart, Bakeheart, and others. Contact us if you need Wood Burner Stove Installation in Shropshire or our advice regarding the stove that suits you best. We can also inspect your chimney and flue lining to ensure everything is in place and you get a wood-burning stove compatible with them.

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Best Ambience and Aesthetics:

Wood-burning stoves can create an unmatched environment at home. You would be able to cook the best food and also make your home cosy. They add style and character to your living space. With designs including contemporary and classic, you have several options to choose from that can easily match your decor. No matter which one you want, our certified and licensed team can provide flawless log burner stove installation in Shropshire.

Safe & Reliable Wood Burning Stove Installation Shropshire:

Stoves get incredibly hot and can retain heat for hours. Children can accidentally touch them and get hurt. Constant supervision of children may not be possible, so you should install a fireguard. Our expert team can install fireguards which are compliant with BS 8423:2002. Moreover, a properly working chimney and flue lining should be installed to ensure no build-up of harmful gasses or smoke inside your home. Flue liners can minimize the chances of carbon monoxide leakage and prevent the build-up of creosote. They also prevent chimney fires and enhance the efficiency of your stoves. Engineers should be cautious when providing Wood Stove Pipe Installation to ensure that all pipes and joints are correctly fitted. Carbon monoxide alarms should also be installed to detect any leakage. Our gas-safe registered engineers can provide you with the installation of all these essential items, which will keep you and your family safe.

Wood Burning Stove Installation Shropshire

Certified Installers for Wood Burning Stove Installation in Shropshire:

Always get your wood stoves and range cookers installed by certified companies. Installation of these appliances should be in accordance with Building regulations. In Wales & England, it is a legal requirement to ensure that these appliances are installed with the local council’s approval or by an authorized person/company under the Government’s “competent persons scheme”, such as HETAS Ltd. We are glad to inform you that we have been providing these services for the last 18 years and are registered with HETAS. Whether you want Multifuel Stove Installation or a wood burning stove, our Wood Burning Stove Fitters in Shropshire are authorized and highly skilled to provide you with the required services.

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Your Wood Stove Installation Cost will stay within your budget as our prices are highly competitive

We are gas-safe registered and will ensure the safe & reliable installation of your stoves.

We are also registered with HETAS and will ensure compliance with all regulations about installation and servicing.

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