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Oil Boiler Servicing

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Ensure Maximum Efficiency and Low Running Cost

We have a qualified team of engineers to provide you with numerous services, including heating solutions for domestic and commercial properties.

Our services include:

  • Oil boiler installation
  • Oil boiler service
  • Oil boiler repairs and maintenance

From identifying the right boiler size for your property and installing it to providing emergency repair services and general maintenance, our certified oil boiler service engineers will offer everything to your complete satisfaction.

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Why is Oil Boiler Servicing Important?

Among all boiler types, oil boilers require the most maintenance. This is because the primary fuel is oil which can get contaminated because of usage. Oil can congeal and clog nozzles, while air or frozen water can clog the oil line.

Annual servicing and periodic maintenance are essential for keeping your oil boilers in immaculate condition. We provide oil boiler servicing and maintenance services to ensure that your oil-fired boilers operate efficiently and have a long life span.

OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) recommends that oil boiler systems be serviced annually. Our qualified oil engineers will conduct a detailed inspection of all boiler parts, including the oil line, tank, and firing system.

Oil Boiler Servicing
Oil Boiler Servicing

Common Faults in Oil Boilers

Oil boiler servicing can help you eliminate contaminated oil, optimally enhancing the reliability and efficiency of oil-fired heating systems. Your boiler can face issues such as inadequate heating, sudden change in temperature, low efficiency, or complete breakdown. Water can transfer to the boiler with the oil and carry dust from the storage tank.

Modern boilers have water-detecting photocells, which will lock out the boiler if they detect water in oil. However, older boilers do not have any such accessory and will not be able to detect water. If the contamination is not removed, the boiler will provide incomplete combustion. This will lead to deposits of soot on the boiler’s heat exchanger and therefore affect heat transfer. All these issues will affect your oil boiler’s efficiency leading to increased oil consumption and, consequently, a high running cost. Our certified engineers can trace these faults and provide an amicable solution at highly competitive rates.

Boiler Inspection and Cleaning

Oil boilers function properly when they burn clean oil. To achieve complete combustion, the boiler should extract maximum energy from the fuel. If the tabulators, baffles, fan, or burner are covered in soot, your boiler will carry out incomplete combustion, which indicates fuel wastage. Our qualified engineers will undertake numerous checks, including the following:

Oil Boiler Servicing

Oil Boiler Installation and Repairs

Our certified engineers can also provide oil boiler replacement and new installations. Choose from the top oil boiler brands which come with warranties and are known for quality. Our engineers will estimate your heating requirements and recommend the right-sized boiler. This might include visiting your premises to identify the best layout and ensure that all your needs are met.

Our technical team is also available for any repair or emergency services which you may require. You can rely on us twenty-four hours a day, three sixty-five days a year.

Safe and Reliable Services

Gas or oil boilers are sensitive equipment, and ensuring their safety for occupants is vital. Building regulations and safety standards must be complied with to avoid fines and penalties.

The first step to ensure safety is hiring certified and authorised installation engineers. The building department recommends using professionals certified by organisations under Competent Person Scheme, such as OFTEC and others.We are proud to inform you that all our engineers are registered with HETAS apart from being Gas Safe registered (for gas boilers) We have received two awards from OFTEC for complying with the best safety standards.

If you have any question feel free to contact us!

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