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Flue Lining

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A chimney flue lining is a tube connected to your stove pipe to line the inside of the chimney. The gases are carried up your flue liner instead of being released directly into your chimney cavity as it runs the complete length of your chimney.

But why do you need a flue lining? It is a backbone for your stove, saving you and your home.

Moreover, suppose you are using your chimney for the first time and wondering whether you have a proper flue liner installed. Our experts will help you determine the state of your flue liner or install a new one.

Chimney Lining Installation

If you intend to fit a new wood stove, you will probably need a new flue lining, ensuring smoke in the property is controlled and appliances are working correctly. Here at Multi Fuel Cooking and Heating LTD, our team has extensive knowledge of chimney flue lining installation; our team can work in any building, providing exceptional services for several chimney systems.

Types of Chimney Flue Linings We Offer

At Multifuel Cooking & Heating Limited, we provide a range of flue lining that best suit your needs.

  • Furan Flex: The basis of Furan Flex is a thermosetting resin bonded with glass fibre that is as strong as stainless steel. However, it is an everlasting flue area feature and is considerably more erosion resistant than other methods. A 25-year assurance is typically available.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel fuel lining is ideal for residential property. Depending on several aspects, it offers excellent heat and safety and lasts for a long time.
  • Thermocrete: Thermocrete is eco-friendly. It is an easily connected, inexpensive, gas-tight chimney lining. It can be put up in a single day; moreover, it is orderly, secure, and durable.

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Flue Lining

Providing Flue Lining for All Your Requirements

We provide flue lining for all kinds of stoves; you can rely on us whether your liner is damaged and you need a new one or a flue lining to attach your new appliance; our experts will be there to assist you in every step. We have:

  • Flue Linings for Wood Burners
  • Flue Lining Fire Stoves
  • Flue Lining for Multi-fuel Stoves
  • Flue Lining for Agas
  • Flue Linings for Gas Fires
  • Flue Linings for Boiler Units
  • Flue Linings for Extractor Units
  • Commercial Flue Lining

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What Will You Get by Installing a Flue Liner?

Typically designed to keep harmful gases outside safely, there are many reasons why you should install flue lining.

  • It perfectly insulates the chimney because a flue liner is a barrier between the wall and flue, protecting the chimney from heat and corrosion.
  • If you install flue liners with wood burners or multi-fuel stoves, hazardous gases will pass through the chimney safely.
  • The heat in the chimney will diminish, decreasing the possibility of a chimney fire.
  • Condensation from wood burning can end up in the accumulation of soot or tar, which are flammable. Therefore, it can lead to a chimney fire if not removed regularly. If you install flue lining, it will reduce the buildup of these materials.
  • A stove or an open fireplace produces harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, meaning without a fuel lining, these gases can leak into your house and become a safety hazard.
  • Flue lining enhances the airflow within the chimney.
Flue Lining
Flue Lining

Chimney Lining Cost

Flue Lining cost mainly depends on the size and shape of your chimney. Our expert chimney installers will first examine your chimney and then recommend the type and size of flue lining required. However, they will decide according to your budget and needs.

Professional Advice for any Installation

  • At Multi Fuel Cooking and Heating LTD, all our skilled engineers can give you professional advice, guaranteeing all the chimneys are cleared before any flue lining is installed.
  • Our team includes a specialised installer team who will ensure it is completely installed with suitable flue terminals and fittings.

If you have any question feel free to contact us!