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Why do we want a Flue Lining Shropshire? It’s at all times the query customers ask. The simple answer is that most chimneys have also declined over time or they are huge for your appliance, making them less effective and not biddable with existing building guidelines or manufacturer’s instructions.

With solid fuel or wood, the assessment is more severe than gas and includes blocking off your chimney at both the high and low levels and inspection for any outflow of smoking in the chimney, bedrooms, and loft spaces. This is called the major trial, which we can organize if essential. There is a high failure amount for this test so constantly look at flue liner pricing in case. A flexible flue liner must be fitted to decrease the chance of a carbon monoxide leak, creosote buildup, and chimney fire. A chimney liner also rallies the energy efficiency of the appliance and makes fireplace preservation easier.

Get professional advice for any kind of liner installation:

As a knowledgeable fireplace and flue expert, we can give you accurate advice when having a new appliance fixed. From providing goods or just installing your internet accepted product we can point you in the accurate direction with a free quotation or a site visit is essential.

All our engineers are completely capable and covered to work at your property giving you composure and an assurance of a professional service. We guarantee all chimneys are cleared before any test is completed and/or before any new Flue Lining Shropshire is installed. Keep in mind, even if you have a new flue liner fixed with pot and cowl, they still want to be repaired often by a capable person and a certificate issued.

Our contractors can pay attention to all your flue
liner requirements:

We are Gas Safe registered, completely covered with a supreme reputation for quality,
dependability, and service for all of your Flue Lining Shropshire needs, counting.

Flue linings for wood burners

Flue linings for gas stoves

Flue linings for multi-fuel stoves

Flue linings for Aga’s

Flue linings for gas fires

Flue linings for back boiler units

Flue linings for extractor fans

Flue Lining/Chimney Lining Installers

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A wide range of chimney flue linings:

At Multifuel Cooking & Heating Limited, we stock a variety of the world’s best Flue Lining Shropshire. Consult with our specialists at our office and we will serve you to make the choice that’s best for your requirements.

Furan Flex

Furan Flex is built on a glass-fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin, as durable as stainless steel. Though, it is much more erosion hardy than other procedures and helps as an enduring flue area feature. Usually, a 25-year assurance is obtainable.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel chimney flue lining is an additional exceptional choice for your domestic depending on a variety of aspects. It offers good heat safety and a long lifetime.


Thermocrete is an environmentally-friendly, cheap flue liner cost, and gas-tight chimney lining that can be simply connected. It is well-organized, safe, and hard-wearing and can be set up within a single day. Its original system can only be fixed by licensed engineers, who we have at our removal. Generally, a 25-year assurance is available.


This chimney relining includes the claim of a kind of clay material. The chimney’s base perseveres, and a cable is used to grasp it in place. The liquid lining material is decanted into the chimney, closing any flaws and crashes while leaving a smooth coating.

Give your hassles to us and be calm to enjoy your desirable Flue Lining Shropshire:

As solid fuel boiling is becoming a required source of heating many feel they can line chimneys and install applications, Inappropriately, many of these are unregistered and do the installations shown by books or on the web where there is much info, Unfortunately, analysis how to do installations and doing are 2 different stories.

We work on an inexpensive responsibility quotation for flue liner cost (Occasionally too cheap). We are strong believers in trustworthiness and advice is easily given, Your Chimney may want to line BUT alternatively may only need a cowl or an air opening – It’s value finding out.

If you have any question feel free to contact us!