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We have served in the industry for 28 years as specialists in AGA, Rayburn, Stanley and ESSE cookers and boiler installation, repair, and maintenance. We supply and fit the flue linings, woodburning stoves, AGA and Rayburn cookers and boilers.

Multifuel Cooking and Heating Limited is a registered Viessmann installer. We have won two OFTEC Excellence Awards for range cooker installation. Our business is registered with Gas Safe and HETAS for installing and servicing range cookers, boilers, stoves and liners. We supply and fit gas, oil, and solid fuel boilers of top brands, along with hybrid heating systems and underfloor heating.

Seek a Safe Boiler Installer

It stands to reason that you want the best boiler installation company to handle your installation services. We stand out from the local gas boiler installation companies and tend to all kinds of emergency boiler repair services.

Whether it is a gas or oil boiler repair service you need or a new gas or oil boiler installation you desire, avail our instant quote for boiler installation after answering a few of our questions. Get an idea of our services and how much they will charge. Except for unique occurrences where we have flexible rates, you can expect a fixed-price boiler installation Services.

Boiler Installation Process is Easy with Us

Begin by Considering the Boiler Size

After deciding whether to purchase a gas, oil, or solid fuel boiler, you now contemplate the size that will suit your needs. The size depends on the following factors:

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Boiler Installation Services
  • Quantity of Water You Use: Living in a large family might prompt you to purchase the type of boiler that will cover everyone’s needs.
  • Space You Have: If you lack space in your premises, with no room in the loft or airing cupboard, for instance, then you might opt for the boiler that does not need a hot water cylinder.
  • Where You want to Get Your New Boiler Installed: For quick and easy installation with minimum disruption, you may prefer the same place as the previous boiler. Most people tend to keep it in their cupboards or kitchens. But it may even be installed in a room, considering it has easy access to suitable pipework and room for accurate flue positioning.

What Exactly Takes Place During the Installation?

Our gas engineers will try to make the fitting process as smooth and disruption-free as possible. We will cover carpets and surfaces and bring the right tools to complete the job safely as per the legislation. We leave no traces of ours before we leave, ensuring your place is as clean as it was earlier, if not more. Whether it is our local boiler repair team or the one fitting your new boiler, we guide you seamlessly throughout the process. Still, it is helpful to know already what to expect during the process and be prepared for it:

If you have any question feel free to contact us!

Installation Preparation:

Before fitting the new boiler, our Gas Safe engineer will visit your premises and survey the area to decide on the best boiler setup that will work for you. A comprehensive heating survey will ensue that will take into account the number of rooms, bathrooms, radiators and occupants. They will also determine the most suitable position for your boiler and check on the pipework and connection to the power source. We will only do this with your consultation and suggestions. By the end of the process, you will have established the boiler type, location, and cost of the process. We will then decide the date and time for the actual fitting.

Installation Day:

Once our engineer is at the place on the decided date and time, you will have to be present to give them access to your space. The length of the installation process depends on the complexity of the setup. Simple fittings, such as replacing an old boiler with a new one of the same type, will only require a few hours up to or less than a day. But if the installation requires large-scale pipework or drilling, it may take two to five days. Before beginning the fitting process, our engineers ensure the cleanliness of your space by covering the nearby places with carpet protectors and dust sheets. In the case of an old boiler replacement, we will disconnect it from the gas and water supply first before detaching it.

Our engineer will then clean up your central heating system to do away with the rubble inside. We will undertake either a simple chemical flush or a power flush otherwise, that spans several hours and does more thorough cleaning. Next, the pipework is adjusted or even reconfigured to minimise heat loss. The boiler is eventually connected to water outlets, the main supply, and radiators. Additional components, such as a system filter or filling loops, may also be added.

Testing and Wrapping Up:

We are not done yet: Our engineer will run checks to ensure the boiler’s efficiency. Everything is checked and ascertained, from potential leaks to the gas pressure range. We clean up and ask you to operate the boiler yourself to see if it works according to your specifications. Later, you will be briefed on the safety rules and how to operate it. We will also provide you with the manual and answer your queries anytime you contact us, we still recommend you get your concerns or any questions addressed.

Boiler Installation Services
Boiler Installation Services

Registration and Maintenance:

Once we are done with the installation job, we notify the Building Regulations, register your new boiler with the Gas Safe, and provide you with the boiler installation certificate issued by the authority. We will also dispatch a registration certificate from the boiler manufacturer to verify its warranty.

Enjoying your new boiler is one thing, but getting regular boiler maintenance services is another. Remember to get its annual servicing done to keep it running efficiently. With regular maintenance comes minimal boiler repair cost; you can save yourself from potentially unnecessary expenses

If you have any question feel free to contact us!