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Power Flushing

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Power flushing is a process of extensive cleaning of a boiler heating system with a sudden burst of chemicals. It improves the quality of your heating water by removing any dust, debris or sludge that may have built into the system with time.

Multifuel Cooking and Heating Limited have qualified engineers that provide first-rate power flushing services, allowing your system to run efficiently.

Your Power Flush Plumbing Professionals

Our plumbers can tackle any maintenance issue at Multifuel Cooking and Heating Limited. We have the latest power flushing tools to remove any sludge inside the system, be it valves, hose pipes, pumps or radiators.

Reliable Central Heating Power Flush Service

We know how vital central heating systems are in a household. They are wonderful until they stop functioning correctly and start making banging sounds, and suddenly, things may feel like they need to be rosier. But this is where Multifuel Cooking and Heating Limited comes in handy; you can rely on us to solve any of these issues. Our expert engineers ensure that they provide excellent underfloor heating power flush services, guaranteeing it works as well as new and any leaks are eliminated.

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Power Flushing Can Resolve Numerous Issues

If rust and other random bits of crud are neglected for too long in the heating system,
these can give birth to several problems and difficulties, such as:

Cold Spots in the heating system

Radiators heat up gradually,

Blaring pipes

The boiler makes loud banging noises

Radiators are leaking

Obstructed valves and pipelines

Little to no water heating

Dirty black/brown water

Dirty black/brown water

Boiler switches on and off frequently

Boiler produces unbalanced temperatures

Radiators require frequent bleeding since they are cold at the bottom.

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But worry not; once you hire our specialists, we will thoroughly power flush your radiators and pipes using a cleansing agent. Furthermore, our team ensure that the boiler system functions properly during maintenance, and if it does not, we utilise the best tools to restore your drain’s original appearance.

A Simple Power Flushing Procedure:

Firstly, to power flush heating system efficiently, we use the following:

  • A power flushing machine
  • A suitable cleaning chemical
  • A survey kit to examine the efficacy of the flush
  1. Before carrying out the process, our engineers visit the site and perform a visual check of your boiler or heating system to be sure it can withstand the punishment of a power flush.
  2. After this, depending on your boiler type, special equipment will be attached with a flow and return pipework.
  3. The power-flushing procedure will remove any debris or corrosion inside the pipework, boiler and radiators.
  4. Then, certain chemicals are added to remove tough deposits to help prevent any future corrosion.
  5. Though the whole process depends on the condition of your boiler and the number of radiators, our plumbers will make sure they complete the task in one day.
  6. It is always crucial that professionals carry out power flushing; and hiring us means only our trained engineers will perform the procedure.

Rewarding Benefits of Power Flushing

Besides fixing your issue, power flushing has several advantages, including:

Boiler’s energy efficiency increases, which results in reducing your energy bills

Your system becomes more reliable

Extended lifespan of the boiler

There will be less noise and clunking

Radiators warm up, and they do so more quickly

Our Other Remarkable Services

At Multifuel Cooking and Heating Limited, we provide a range of other services, among which are the following:

  • Fitting of all types of flue linings (gas, oil and solid)
  • Supplying twin wall flues (gas, oil, and solid)
  • Providing all types of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves
  • Quality reconditioned unit supplies by all fuels
  • Renovation of existing unit
  • Relocation of a unit to your desired location
  • Repair and maintenance of gas, oil and electric range cookers
  • Supplying and fitting boilers of all top brands (gas, oil and solid)
  • Service and maintenance of all oil, gas and solid fuel boilers

What Makes Us Different from the Rest of the Companies

  • Multifuel Cooking and Heating Limited have experienced and highly motivated experts.
  • We will provide you with cleaned heating and boiler system, guaranteeing long service life and efficiency.
  • Our skilled team possess specialised sets of abilities.

If you have any question feel free to contact us!