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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wood-Burning Stove?

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Wood-Burning Stove

On average, the cost of installing a wood-burning stove can range from £1,400 to £4,200, including the cost of the stove itself. However, this is just an estimate that is derived from several aspects. And it typically covers the installation of the stove, flue liner, hearth, and any necessary building work.

The actual costs of installing a wood burning stove depend on various factors. Not only the type of stove you choose for the installation can impact the overall cost but also the installer who fits it, whether a chimney already exists in your home or not, required lining, and more. Be with me to get an exact estimate!

What is the wood burning stove? How does it work?

A wood-burning stove is a metal heating appliance specifically designed to burn firewood. It is a self-contained unit that needs no other heating systems to operate. However, it can be used alongside other heating systems if desired.

It works by burning firewood in a fireproof chamber. The firebox is generally made of steel or cast iron and is lined with firebrick to shield the stove from heat. The firewood is burned in the firebox, and the heat from the fire is transmitted to the metal walls of the stove. The metal walls then radiate the heat into the nearby area, delivering warmth.

The wood-burning stove is also equipped with a vertical vent resembling a chimney. This vent safely expels particulates and partially burned gases to the outdoors. The ventilation system ensures that the stove operates safely and efficiently.

How to estimate wood burning stove installation cost?

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to have a qualified installer visit your home and assess the situation. During the survey, the installer will look at the condition of your fireplace, the type of stove you want to install, and any other factors that could affect the cost.

It is not uncommon to discover unexpected elements during the survey that can impact the installation. For example, you may find that your chimney is not in good condition or that live gas or water pipes are in the way. These issues can add to the installation cost.

However, if the installation is relatively straightforward, you can get an idea of the approximate costs and pricing methods for installing a wood-burning stove. The next section will teach you the cost of burning stove installation for every step to make things easier for you.

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Cost estimations for existing fireplace & class 1 chimney flue

In this section, I’ll tell you the different factors and how they can affect the overall cost estimation for installing a wood-burning stove if a fireplace and class 1 chimney flue already exists. This is how the following key factors affect the price.

Access to fit the flue liner

The first where the cost starts to be influenced is the access to fitting the flue liner. If the chimney is difficult to access, the installer may need to rent a cherry picker or scaffolding, costing between £200 and £600.

Gas and electricity

If a gas fire or electric fire is connected to the chimney, the installer will need to take help from a Gas Safe engineer to cap the gas feed, or an electrician will disconnect the electrical connections. If this is the case, this will cost around £70.

Fireplace opening

If the existing fireplace opening does not meet building regulations, the installer will need to modify it. This includes ensuring that the hearth is the correct size, the opening is the correct width and height, and there are no combustible materials nearby. The cost of this work is approximately £800 to £1,000.

Creating a fireplace opening

The cost will be higher if the fireplace opening needs to be created from scratch. This work involves structurally supporting the chimney with a new lintel, installing a fireboard, plastering, laying the hearth (excluding the hearth itself), fitting the flue liner, and obtaining HETAS certification. The cost of this work is approximately £1,300 to £1,600.


The cost of the hearth can vary depending on the material you choose. For example, a granite hearth will be more expensive than a concrete hearth. Expect to pay between £120 and £450 for a hearth.


The wood-burning stove itself is a significant component of the installation. You should budget at least £700 for a good quality stove.

Rubbish removal

If you want the installer to remove all of the fireplace debris, including rubble and leftover materials, you must pay an additional £100.

Cost estimations if fireplace & class 1 chimney flue doesn’t exist

In the previous section, we have seen a detailed overview of how wood-burning stove installation will cost you at each step if the fireplace and class 1 chimney already exist. Now, I’ll show you the cost estimation if both elements don’t exist.

Note: When considering the installation of a wood-burning stove, one of the initial decisions is whether to opt for a freestanding stove or create a false chimney.

This choice primarily depends on whether you prefer a modern freestanding stove that functions as a standalone piece of furniture or if you prefer the aesthetic of a built-in fireplace where the wood burner is housed within a constructed false chimney.

Well, whatever option you choose, the following is a detailed overview of the installation of both types.

Free Standing

Now, I’ll showcase the process of estimating the cost of installing a freestanding wood-burning stove in a non-existing fireplace with a Class 1 chimney flue. The following are the factors that may influence the overall expense.


A hearth is an essential component that complements a freestanding stove installation. Bespoke slate hearths are recommended for their quality and aesthetics. Depending on the desired design, a slate hearth with a curved or shaped edge will cost you approximately £200 to £400.


Freestanding stoves are specifically designed differently from stoves intended for fireplace recesses. They often feature convection panels that reduce the required distance to combustible areas, letting the stove be positioned against plastered walls and other furniture. A good quality freestanding wood-burning stove will cost you around £1,100 to £2,000.


The cost of a single-story flue system, including supply and fitting, can range from approximately £1,500 to £2,000. On the other hand, the estimated cost for a two-story flue system ranges from £2,000 to £2,800.

False Chimney Build

In contrast to the freestanding wood burning stove installation, the cost estimation for a false chimney build is a bit different. If a fireplace and a Class 1 chimney flue do not exist, these key elements can help estimate the cost.

Chimney Build

As mentioned earlier, false-chimney builds are customisable to suit your requirements. A typical starting point is a blockwork chimney build measuring roughly 1400mm wide x 450mm deep. This size closely resembles a standard chimney breast and supplies a commensurate opening.

For a false chimney build, including constructing the chimney structure and subsequent plastering, the budget is approximately £1,000. However, this is just an estimate; the actual cost may vary depending on the size of the chimney and the material used in it. 


The estimated cost ranges from approximately £1,500 to £2,000 for a single-story flue system, including supply and fitting. The estimated cost for a two-story flue system ranges from £2,000 to £2,800.


The cost of hearths for false-chimney installations can vary depending on the chosen material and other factors. Expect prices ranging from approximately £120 to £450.


The wood-burning stove itself is a crucial aspect of the installation and the primary source of enjoyment for the customer. You would need to budget at least £700 or more for a good quality wood-burning stove.

Can I Install a Wood Burning Stove Myself?

If you are considering installing a wood-burning stove yourself, it is important to note that no specific regulations prohibit you from doing so. But there are specific considerations and steps to keep in mind.

Inform Your Local Building Control Officer

You must inform your local Building Control Officer about your intentions. They will then inspect the installation to ensure it adheres to the relevant local Building Regulations for chimneys, stoves, and fireplaces. It’s worth noting that this inspection process can incur costs of up to £450.

Hire a HETAS-Approved Installer for Safety

On the other hand, if you hire a HETAS-approved installer to handle the stove installation, they can certify that the work complies with the regulations. This certification serves as evidence that the installation meets the necessary safety standards and comes in the form of a certificate issued by the installer.