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Discussing Aga Stoves: Pros and Cons, Contemporary Models & Functioning

All of us love to enjoy delicious food. A well-cooked food makes a great taste, expresses your love for cooking, and reflects your keen hospitality to your guests. Aga stoves are the best kitchen accessories that can benefit you in all these ways. Let’s explore how these stoves are the best option for a delightful experience of cooking.

Defining Aga Stove

Invented by a blind Swedish physicist, Gustaf Dalén, in 1920, the Aga stove has a well-established history of serving the masses internationally for more than 80 years. Their look, designs, and a vast variety of colours make them a suitable selection for all types of kitchens.

Whether you have a country kitchen or cook in a super modern kitchen, Aga stoves with their several distinctive colours and designs, would make a perfect match.

Although Aga stoves originated in Sweden yet they have been manufactured by the Aga Rangemaster Group in the UK for a long period surpassing 8 decades. The company has proven its worth in providing quality service over time. It manufactures customized Aga stoves as per customers’ desires and then ships them to be installed by a certified Aga fitter.

Defining Aga Stove

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Why Aga Stoves are So Famous?

Aga stoves are entirely versatile in their designs, colours, and functions. They make a good choice for the majority of the people. Multiple ranges of Aga cookers are available in the market that can fulfil your purpose aptly.

Superb Cooking

This is the most significant feature of an Aga stove. Unlike conventional ovens that use hot air to prepare your food, Aga stoves cook food through radiation. With the help of controlled heat by radiation, not only can cook various items within the same stove but also get a portion of delicious food. Aga stoves have:

  • Separate compartments for baking
  • Slower oven for roasting meat/ chicken
  • Warmth plate to keep food hot
  • Simmering plate to cook gravy and other sauces gently.

Additionally, the oven of the Aga stove can dry wet clothes so that they will look like finely pressed ones. Above all, the Aga stove is the symbolic centre of your kitchen that duly encompasses the style and mode within a single stove.

Flexible Solutions for Your Kitchen Needs

Aga stoves are very versatile in their colour, style, size, and model. You can choose any unit you find suitable from a huge variety. Moreover, Aga stoves have various cooking features to assist you in cooking the type of food you like.


Another significant attribute of Aga stoves is their ability to operate effectively, saving much energy. Although they are always on, yet with the new 7 series and 3 series, you can reduce their heat overnight to save costs.

Apart from them, Aga stoves work on numerous fuel inputs like gas, oil, or electricity. Hence, you can select any type of fuel you think is feasible. An Aga stove also acts as a heat provider thus, you do not need to run additional radiators to warm your room.

Some Cons of Aga Stove

Despite being so much beneficial, Aga stoves have their cons that one must consider when buying or using an Aga.

  • As stated earlier, Aga stoves are always on, this may charge you heavy amounts in your bill. However, you can benefit from heat adjustment features to minimize fuel consumption.
  • Aga stoves are a little bit expensive, and some may exceed £10,000. Yet as there are numerous types available so it’s quite probable that you would find a suitable article for your kitchen utilization.
Aga Cooker

Models & Series of Aga Stove

With a diverse range of available options, the Aga stove has so many models within a series that you can buy for your kitchen. Each of them has unique characteristics that make it fit for usage in certain conditions. A few of the famous and most useful series are below:

Aga Er3

eR3 series is the most innovative series till now. It’s the first series of its type that combines both (conventional & radiant) methods of cooking within a model to enhance the experience of cooking.

Within a single model of the eR3 series, two cast-iron ovens are designed; one for roasting and baking while the other oven is for simmering sauces, gravy, etc. These different ovens help maintain the true flavour of food during cooking.

Moreover, all cookers of the eR3 series have 2 or 3 well-designed induction hobs that allow you to enjoy cooking safely. Apart from this, a 90-liter fan oven with 4 grid shelves, 2 baking trays, and a plate rack is designed in the eR3 series. The addition of this oven makes the eR3 series a hub of cooking options that give a delightful cooking experience to the chef. The models of this series range in size from 60cm – 170cm.

Aga eR7

The latest digital controls, meticulous designs, and superb cooking flexibility are the traits that represent the eR7 series of Aga stoves.

The Aga eR7 series has a digital touch panel that helps cook food at the required temperature with just a few clicks. The eR7 series ovens have various temperature adjustments like R8, R7, and R6 for roasting and B4, B3, B2, and B1 for baking. These heat variations assist you to cook food in a flexible environment to get the real taste of food.

Another astonishing feature of the eR7series is that the cookers of this range are fully programmed. You can switch on the oven on selected days and get the food ready at any time you need. Cookers of this series range from 100cm – 210cm in size.

R Series

R series is an all-in-one cooking range of Aga stoves. It encompasses all key cooking and heating functions, including a toaster, kettle, bread maker, and tumble drier. Additionally, unlike conventional stoves, cookers of this range do not require switching on at all times. They supply instant optimum warmth in a mere one hour when switched on and vice versa.


Running on a mere 13amp voltage, the R3 series are beautifully engineered Aga Stoves that can be installed very easily without a plinth. Another amazing aspect of this series is its high-speed infrared grill. This grill heats up in 2 minutes only and offers varying degrees of temperature in its 3 different shelf positions. The lower positions operate at low temperatures to cook food slowly. While higher positions in infrared grill work on high-temperature ranges.

The sole purpose of these variable temperature positions is to cook food at a suitable required temperature. Some models like 150cm, 160cm, and 170cm have built-in simmering plates and ovens that add up to extensive cooking features. 


The Aga R7 is entirely electric, controlled, simple to use, and has a variety of elegant features for versatile cooking. The ovens are made to be left on, making them always usable and offering a soft heat to keep your kitchen cosy. Their innovative design allows them to offer safe, easy, and fast cooking. Aga R7 ovens also possess different temperature zones to bake and cook food at any desired temperature. 

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Aga Er3

Rayburn by AGA

Rayburn Aga cookers have always been the leading units when it comes to efficient, reliable, and modern cookers. They provide very exclusive cooking and heating options. Thus, these cookers are at the peak of present-day cookers.

  • Some models of Rabyburn Aga stoves act as “cooking only” cookers. They have ovens, hot plates, and simmering plates making various cooking options possible in a single unit.
  • Aga models like Rayburn 380 are not only effective for cooking but also give a constant supply of hot water. Hence, you don’t need to have a boiler as Raybrun 380 are multifaceted cookers that fulfil your every need for heat.
  • Lastly, some Rayburn cookers have features to provide cooking, hot water, and central heating solutions for your home. Thus, these Aga stoves are the best choice for persons looking for all-in-one cookers.

Installation of AGA Stoves

Each Aga stove is designed with some specifications that make it workable in certain conditions. There are numerous factors that you should keep in mind while thinking of installing an Aga cooker, i-e,

  • Which model is the most suitable for your kitchen?
  • Colour of the stove you like
  • What type of fuel you can afford?
  • Whether there is proper ventilation
  • and many more.

Managing your installation according to these parameters helps you fit your Aga stove appropriately. Additionally, it is pertinent to contact a certified Aga installer. He would make a plan to position your Aga stove in the best possible manner so that you may get a good cooking experience.

How Does AGA Stove Work?

The Aga stoves work on a single heat source that can be gas, oil, electricity, or fuel. The fuel warms all the compartments of the Aga stove, whereas a thermostat assists in adjusting the required temperature in a specific zone. Hence, contrary to conventional ovens, it is possible to maintain different temperature conditions in different compartments of the stove. The working temperature ranges of different Aga stoves are variable that change with respect to the model you’re using. For your idea, a general estimation is given below:


Temperature Range

Warming oven         

65°C – 93°C

Roasting oven

246°C – 260°C

Simmering plate

107°C -135°C

Baking oven

176°C -204°C