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AGA Cooker Explained

If you are looking for items for kitchen remodelling and renovating, you are probably thinking of countertops and other cabinet parts. But another valuable and useful addition to your kitchen can be made through AGA cookers. Apart from adding a unique touch to your kitchen, they are known best for keeping the house warm and do so much more than preparing food.

Since the invention of AGA cookers, they are the iconic fixtures in most kitchens all across the world. Not only the classic and unique design has survived, but it has also become an important part of every home. A new two-oven AGA will cost you £8,000 today. This huge investment will never leave you disappointed as you will have a multifunctional, spacious cast iron cooker that is always set to cook toothsome food for you and your beloved family.

AGA Cooker
AGA Cooker

What Exactly is an AGA?

If you are not already familiar, AGA is a spacious cast iron cooker with variety of levels, and ovens that offer endless cooking possibilities. Each AGA cooker is made with quality products and comes with a roasting oven, a simmering oven and one or two hot plates. Several options for customisation are also available; you can replace the hotplate with a gas or ceramic electric hob.

How Does AGA Operate?

A heat storage cooker generates the heat in the core and transmits it over the surface of each oven and hot plate. Traditional and oldest types have no dials and switches because they are supposed to be on all the time. The strong cast iron body allows heat to be stored and distributed efficiently throughout different cooking zones. The radiant heat it generates allows the food to cook for a long duration of time without drying and burning it. Different models have different temperature ranges, but a rough estimate is that the roasting oven is 250˚C, the baking oven 190˚C, the simmering oven at 140˚C and the warming oven at 85˚C. Thermostatic control is used to keep the temperature steady. Various AGA cookers are available that operate on electricity, gas and oil, while dual fuel for a few combinations, such as gas and electric hobs, are also available.

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Benefits of AGA Cookers

Delightful Cooking Experience

AGA cookers operate on the principle of radiant heat, which makes all the difference in cooking. These cookers are best for retaining flavour and cooking toothsome food, whereas traditional ovens dry up food as hot air circulates. Whether you choose the previous model that is always on or the new and modern AGA cookers, both allow you to select and adjust suitable temperature ranges in the oven. With the slow cooking options for meat, from baking chambers for freshly baked cakes or roasting ovens for scrumptious Sunday brunch, you will notice the difference in your home-cooked food.

Complete Adaptability

AGA cookers are available in a wide range of sizes and forms with various solutions to meet all your cooking needs. While AGA cookers offer numerous cooking zones and modes, you can customise your cooker by selecting the appropriate components.   You can select up to five oven spaces as per your needs and wants. The latest and modern AGA eR7 series cooker offers maximum flexibility and control, with a touchscreen panel that allows homeowners to turn off individual units to suit their preferences

AGA Cooker
AGA Cooker Explained

Unique Design

AGA is frequently considered to be a difficult piece of equipment to deal with. But the reality is different; it offers a wide range of functions. Cream is a widely used colour, and it comes with several iconic colours ranging from green to bright red and many others. However, AGA is releasing more new colors to make it a focal point for your kitchen. The minimal design is ideal for modern and contemporary kitchens. An AGA cooker is a good way to add a dramatic flash of colour to your kitchen, especially if you like a neutral palette.   The distinct design and approach to create cookers make them unique. For smaller kitchens, a smaller version, City-6 is an excellent addition to make your kitchen look different.

Saving Energy and Time​

The modern and new range of AGA cookers includes the 3 and 7 series that provide versatility by allowing you to lower the temperature or switch it off to save energy and money. As cookers have various fuel options such as electric, gas and oil or dual fuel, you can save cost by choosing cost-effective energy sources as per your needs.

Furthermore, AGA cookers save money and energy by fixing all the needs in a single appliance. Additionally, AGA generates heat and reduces the need for domestic heating and, in particular, lowers the need for radiators in rooms.

Great Investment

The modern and latest models of AGA are developed to last for a lifetime. The City-60 model is available at £465, making it accessible to a large chunk of the population. The AGA owners back in 20s wished to operate the oven for a couple of hours and then turn it off, but they could not do so. As with the advancement in technologies, AGA also incorporated switches and buttons, which facilitates quick meal preparation.

Unlike previous generation AGA cookers, which are assembled in the home of owners, the modern range is pre-assembled in the plant, making it easier for homeowners to test and use it. So, when you are planning to relocate, you can easily carry AGA cookers. It is not often with all the appliances that the money you invest will last for a lifetime, but AGA cookers make your dream come true. Unlike ovens, toasters, panini presses, and slow cookers, which all come and go, AGA is here to stay with you in all these years.

Disadvantages of AGA Cookers

  • As the old models of AGA ovens are always switched on, this can increase the cost of gas and electricity bills.
  • In summer, you have to switch off the AGA cookers since they heat the house and cause suffocation in the overall house. In summer, people shift from AGA cookers to traditional ovens.
  • AGA ovens are far more expensive than normal ovens, with costing more than £8,000 depending upon the kind and size.

How Much Does an AGA Cost?

AGA cookers are twice as expensive as the best-rated cook ranges. Below is the summary of each model of AGA, their costing details and potential charges you should know before purchasing them.

AGA 60

This model is primarily designed for smaller kitchens and has a width of 60 cm. The cost of this oven starts from £5,695. It has two ovens that are always on with the option of an electric hot plate and a gas hob. The AGA 60 has an alternative programming mode that allows customers to automate the operation of the top oven. The AGA 60 is available both in vintage and modern looks, so customers will choose the oven as per their preference.

Traditional AGA

The original vintage AGA is still the most popular among all home types; it comes standard with two ovens, one for simmering and another one for roasting. The cost of these ovens usually starts from £ 7,245. They are also available in 3 to 4 oven variants, and three oven variants include a double hotplate top, one for simmering and one for boiling. The four oven variant includes two ring hob (gas, ceramic and electric) and a warming plate. 

AGA Cooker Explained
AGA Cooker Explained

AGA Dual Control

This type is available in three to five oven types that provide greater flexibility than traditional AGA. The starting price of this cooker is £10,595. One of the greatest benefits is that the hot plates are adjusted individually or turned off when not in use, which lowers the operating cost. The all-electric model decreases the energy cost further by offering a low-energy setting, which allows the ovens to run at a slower rate.

AGA Total Control

The total control is also available in three to five oven variants. The starting price of this cooker is £11,595. This incorporated all the modern technology as they are controlled via touch screens, allowing homeowners to switch off multiple sections when they are not needed. Remote technology is also inculcated in it, as you can operate and assess various oven sections via your mobile phone. When wi-fi is not available, this remote programming can also be assessed by text message. The warming plates that come with the five-oven variant can easily be replaced with a touch-control induction hob.